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Most Expensive Manuka Honey in the World – Trusted Brands

Mānuka honey is expensive. Everyone knows it and for many, they understand why.

Harking from the wild slopes and landscapes of New Zealand, Manuka honey is expensive. There are few reasons why and we’ll save the full detail to another post. For now, here are some high level reasons why Mānuka honey is expensive. Here are a few:

  • Mānuka honey that has high MGO (Methylglyoxal Levels) are most often harvested from remote locations
  • These remote locations often require helicopters to get access to the hives, or at least require a lot more effort to get to the hives
  • It takes the right season, soil conditions, weather and more to create the right balance. As the MGO levels in Mānuka honey are naturally occurring you can’t manipulate the honey artificially. That means if you end up with a good result, it’s good fortune
  • The Manuka flower only buds for 2-6 weeks of the year so if the season is bad, so is the resulting amount of Mānuka honey you get. A few weeks of rain can dampen everyones yields

Anyway, back to the most expensive Mānuka honey in the world.

It’s really the MGO levels that make these Manuka honey expensive. The MGO levels are what give Mānuka honey it’s rare antibacterial properties. All UMF Certified Honey is also tested for Leptosperin and DHA but MGO is the really reason to spend more on a Mānuka honey. The other ‘chemical markers’ just confirm that it is genuine Mānuka honey and has not been ‘cooked’ to gain artificial MGO results. This is important but less common as more NZ Government testing and export restrictions come in to place.

Will this list change?

This list will change over time. Why? Well, when there is a premium expensive Mānuka honey batch released it will be in limited supply – usually much less than 1000 250g/8.8oz units. Once it sells out, it won’t always be able to be replaced with another batch, especially if the harvest has been poor that year.

The other reason this list will need to be updated is that the activity levels in Manuka Honey, the MGO levels, do grow in the honey and then degrade over time. So it’s impossible to guarantee the MGO levels in a Mānuka honey indefinitely.

If it is stored in a cool dark place this will slow the activity in the honey to ensure better longevity in the Mānuka honey MGO levels. Mānuka honey is a living, growing product of nature and as such nature is always changing.

In some ways it’s a lot like the Wine industry, there are good batches and less good batches. Those that are really great command a higher price. They are subject to the weather also. Only difference is Mānuka honey doesn’t need a wine maker, it has the Bee’s as the master craftsmen.

Can you trust these brands?

Yes, everything on this list is a well known brand and most are members of the UMFHA, a member based organisation that focuses on quality testing and certifications from independent laboratories in New Zealand.

Traceability – Tracking to the Source

While a lot of Manuka Honey companies make a big deal of traceability, it’s actually a requirement of the MPI (…think New Zealand Government level stuff) that a honey company can trace it’s honey back to source.

As a food product it has to be traceable to the batch level and then beyond to where each contributing drum of honey in the batch came from.

1: True Honey Co. UMF 31+ | MGO 1700+ Mānuka honey

Currently Most Expensive Mānuka honey in the World

True Honey Co. Rare Harvest UMF 31+ MGO 1700+
True Honey Co. – Most Expensive Mānuka honey | True Honey Co.

Price at the time of publishing: $2,171.00 NZD / $1,532.40 USD / 5,628.66 AED / 1,346.13 EUR / 9,756.81 RMB

Size: 8.8oz / 250g

The True Honey Co. UMF 31+ pretty much broke all the UMF/MGO calculators that were available at the time. Even the UMFHA wasn’t sure how to calculate the UMF level for a 1700+ MGO Mānuka honey.

This very rare Mānuka honey has been available for sale for a while now so either it was a good sized batch or they have managed to repeat the miracle.

This remarkably expensive Manuka Honey is UMF Certified and True Honey Co. are a member of the UMFHA.

This Mānuka honey is truly rare and it’s up to you to decide if the price is worth it.

2: Comvita UMF 25+ (MGO 1200+) Special Reserve Mānuka Honey

Currently the second most expensive Mānuka honey in the world is this Comvita Special Reserve Honey

Comvita Special Reserve Manuka Honey
Comvita Special Reserve | Comvita

Price at the time of publishing: $425.00 USD / $601.00 NZD / 373.36 Euro / 1,561.07 AED / 2,706.23 RMB

Size: 8.8oz / 250g

Comvita have always been a big name in Mānuka honey. It doesn’t necessarily mean they have ‘better’ Mānuka honey but it does mean they are trusted. The are also members of the UMFHA and have been a driving force in trying to protect the Mānuka honey industry and reputation in New Zealand.

They boast all the certifications and accreditaitons a lot of Mānuka honey has: Unpasteurized, Halal, Kosher, and Certified Gluten-Free. They are also Non-GMO Project Verified which takes a fair amount of paperwork. There are a more and more companies becoming certified non-GMO, Glyphosate Free, Halal etc including Manukora.

Comvita has done a lovely job with this limited release. A solid wood lid and glass jar which is attractive for the traditional Mānuka honey market.

If your budget can stretch, you can at least trust the brand for this large investment.

3: STEENS UMF 27+ (MGO 1359) Raw Mānuka honey

Award winning box design and a slightly different jar size

Steens UMF 27+ Manuka Honey
Steens UMF 27+ Mānuka honey | Steens

Price at the time of publishing: $349.99 USD / $495 NZD / 307.00 EURO / 1285.55 AED / 2230 RMB

Size: 7.4oz / 209.8g

Steens are another long standing brand in the Mānuka honey space. They, like Comvita and True Honey Co. are members of the UMFHA and export Manuka Honey all around the world.

Like Comvita, they have their own hives and beekeeping is a strong part of their history – family history.

One thing less prevalent on their glass jar is certifications. Truth is honey by nature is typically Kosher, Halal and free from Glyphosate and GMOs. New Zealand has a non-GMO stance and Glyphosate is rarely used in close proximity to where this high grade Mānuka honey would be harvested.

The packing for this expensive Steens UMF 27+ Mānuka honey won awards and is not only colorful but a great representation of the hive with an enjoyable unboxing experience. A great gift idea.

4: New Zealand Honey Co. Raw Manuka Honey UMF 26+ 

The most affordable expensive Manuka Honey in the World

New Zealand Honey Co. UMF 26+ Manuka Honey
New Zealand Honey Co. UMF 26+ Manuka Honey

The UMF rating on this Manuka Honey is 26+ which is very high and very rare. So, while it isn’t actually the most expensive Manuka Honey in the world it could be.

It seems New Zealand Honey Co. have chosen to make this particular UMF 26+ with 1282+ MGO levels affordable and accessible to more people.

The colourful jar also makes a statement on the kitchen bench.

If you want a highly rated and effective Manuka Honey with great MGO levels then this cheap but expensive UMF 26+ is a great choice.


If you have the money you can certainly purchase very expensive Manuka honey. This list is the current most expensive Mānuka honey you can buy but there are plenty of effective slightly lower UMF graded honey with high MGO levels that you can look at if this list makes your wallet ache.

Have questions? Ask in the comments below.

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