Manuka Honey for Health

Best Manuka Honey for Health

You might think it’s a brand, and I’ll recommend some of those too – actually, just visit this list of the best manuka honey.

But back to the point. It’s not really what brand you buy, it’s what UMF or MGO, or NPA level you buy.

You see, as a natural product, Manuka honey has plenty of effective and important health benefits.

Most of these are documented in studies and practical medical use.

As we’ve discussed in some of my other blogs, MGO is the anti-bacterial property that Manuka honey contains.

The higher the MGO, the higher the anti-bacterial levels in the honey.

This is why Manuka honey companies charge more, the honey is more potent.

They also charge more because it’s harder to find higher levels of MGO in honey the higher the number.

So it’s more scarce and harder to find. If it is sourced it’s not in the same quantity. So it’s in shorter supply.

So, what’s the best Manuka Honey for your health?

Here is a quick simple guide for you to follow.

Listed by MGO level (or UMF/NPA numbers) – these relative numbers are estimated as all companies sell different numbers.

MGO 80+ / UMF 5+ / NPA 5+

This grade is great for food and eating. It’s got a nice flavor to it and is yummy to eat, much like regular table honey.

This does mean though, that it isn’t very high in anti-bacterial properties.

You can still use it for skin care as it is an emollient and natural humectant, but it won’t do a lot of active healing.

MGO 250+ / UMF 10+ / NPA 10+

This level of MGO is considered OK for topical use. That is, it can be put on your skin and will have positive benefits to healing.

It’s also still delicious to eat.

As the MGO levels get higher, the honey gets a little more medicinal and bitter. So, higher grades of Manuka honey can be less enjoyable to eat, but very potent for wellness and healing.

MGO 250+ is also good for Dogs, Cats, and other pets. It’s not to strong but good to use on sore paws, asking afflictions, and more.

MGO 400+ / UMF 15+ / NPA 15+

Now we’re getting into the ‘health zone’. MGO 400+ is considered the best all-rounder. Tasty but powerful. Yummy but Useful.

The MGO levels are high so it’s good for use on your skin and also great with warm water for drinking and helping with colds, coughs etc.

The taste does start to ‘mature’ and intensifies at this level but it’s still yummy. Put it in the fridge and becomes things and caramel-like.

A great addition to water, eating a spoonful in the morning or night, or adding to warm tea/coffee.

MGO 800+ / UMF 20+ / NPA 20+

A Manuka honey with an MGO of 800+ or higher is a strong MGO level.

This level of methylglyoxal is popular for skincare routines. You can mix it with other ingredients to make face masks and skin cleansers.

It’s worth trying a little on your skin first so you see if you might have a reaction to it.

We are dealing with higher MGO levels so any honey from here up the scale gets pretty strong.

You can also put this directly on wounds, or sores for healing.

And if you like, you can put it straight on your face with a makeup brush or similar and let it sit for a while before rinsing off.

MGO 1000+ / UMF 23+ / NPA 23+

This is getting pretty expensive now. A Manuka honey over 1000+ MGO is harder to find and therefore it becomes quite expensive.

But, it’s generally considered one of the best manuka honey to use for medicinal purposes.

You don’t have to get ‘medical grade’ manuka honey, you can use anything from the major brands but the medical grade is ultra-fine filtered for optional internal use.

This is where the really powerful health benefits of manuka honey start to become evident.

If you have cuts, scrapes, scars or other wounds, then the anti-bacterial levels in an MGO 1000+ is really efficacious.

The one thing to consider is that these levels can be quite bitter and medicinal in taste. Some people really like that, it comes down to personal taste.

Manuka honey has even been tested as a natural solution in combating MRSA, the superbug.

The best manuka honey for your health might just be the one you can afford

Manuka honey can get pretty expensive. And, as I’ve explained above, it’s all good for you and only gets more effective and potent the higher the MGO (methylglyoxal) levels get.

There are some companies that sell even higher grades than 1000+ but they are rare and even more expensive.

General rule of thumb

  • The higher the MGO the more bitter the taste and the better the health benefits.
  • The lower the MGO the sweeter the taste and the less effective the health benefits.

But remember, even a 10+ can be used on your skin with positive affect.

Questions? Always happy for you to ask in the comments below.

And don’t forget to check out the best manuka honey list which will recommend all you need to maintain a great health and wellness routine with Manuka honey a part of that.

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