Manuka Honey High UMF The Pinnacle of Pure Honey

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Manuka honey is renowned for its unique antibacterial and healing properties, making it highly sought after worldwide. The UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) rating is considered the gold standard when it comes to assessing the quality and potency of manuka honey. In this article, we will explore some of the purest manuka honeys ever produced, highlighting the honey producers who have achieved the highest UMF grades. Whether you’re a honey lover or looking for an extraordinary gift, these exceptional manuka honeys are sure to impress.

Primal By Nature UMF 32+ Limited Edition: A Rare Gem

Primal By Nature, a luxury boutique manuka honey producer based in New Zealand, has gained recognition for its exceptional honey products. While they offer manuka honey of various grades, their UMF 32+ product stands out as something truly exceptional. Crafted in a meticulously controlled environment with over 100 years of beekeeping experience, Primal By Nature has created a honey that has received one of the highest UMF certifications ever recorded.

This limited edition manuka honey is incredibly rare and pure, with an impressive MGO (Methylglyoxal) level of 1,818+. Primal By Nature has not overlooked the presentation either, as the honey is nestled in a hand-crafted red lacquer wooden case, adorned with embossed metal labels and a hand-signed certificate of authenticity. This is no ordinary jar of honey; it is a testament to the artistry and dedication of Primal By Nature.

All honey produced by Primal By Nature is UMF certified and undergoes independent DNA testing to ensure it is 100% pure and genuine monofloral Manuka Honey. With only 600 jars ever produced, this limited edition UMF 32+ manuka honey is not only one of the purest but also one of the rarest in the world. If you’re searching for a gift that will amaze any honey lover, look no further than Primal By Nature UMF 32+ Limited Edition.

Manuka South UMF 32+ Limited Reserve: Nature’s Perfect Creation

Manuka South’s Limited Reserve range has made a significant impact on the manuka honey market. Sourced from a remote location in the Northland region of New Zealand, Manuka South has achieved the coveted UMF 32+ grading through decades of expert beekeeping experience. Producing manuka honey of this level of purity requires both skill and luck.

Manuka flowers only bloom for a short period each year, making it challenging to produce honey of such potency. Perfect conditions are necessary, and the bees must be carefully controlled to prevent contamination with nectar from other flowers. These ideal growing conditions occur once in a generation, making Manuka South’s UMF 32+ honey truly exceptional. It boasts an impressive MGO level of 1,835, one of the highest MGO ratings ever achieved.

Packaged in absolute luxury, the UMF 32+ Limited Reserve comes in a bespoke wooden case with 18 karat gold plated finishing. The jar itself is nestled in a Danish reconstituted leather interior, adding to the exclusivity and elegance of this remarkable manuka honey. With only 300 jars produced, this may be the rarest manuka honey ever to hit the market. The conditions required to produce such a high-quality honey are truly extraordinary and may not be replicated for quite some time.

The True Honey Co UMF 28+ ULTRA PREMIUM: Nature’s Delicacy

The True Honey Co operates one of the most intricate manuka honey operations in the world. Their hives are located in pristine manuka forests, accessible only by helicopter. The delicate process of producing manuka honey depends heavily on the environment, and when the honey is harvested from untouched manuka forests, it exhibits unparalleled purity and flavor.

The True Honey Co has a history of producing the purest manuka honey ever recorded, with an astonishing MGO reading over 2,000. Although that particular harvest has sold out, they consistently deliver top-end manuka honey. Their highest UMF graded product comes from their Ultra Premium Manuka range, graded at UMF 28+/MGO 1,500.

What sets this manuka honey apart is not only its exceptional UMF rating but also its exquisite packaging. The black-on-black design with gold plating and a glass jar embodies elegance and luxury. The True Honey Co’s UMF 28+ ULTRA PREMIUM manuka honey is one of the highest UMF manuka honeys available in the world today, making it a perfect choice for those seeking the pinnacle of manuka honey perfection.

New Zealand Honey Co. UMF 28+: A Taste of Excellence

New Zealand Honey Co. is known for producing exceptional manuka honey, and their UMF 28+ offering is no exception. Their hives are strategically placed in pristine locations to ensure the purity and quality of their honey. Similar to other top producers, New Zealand Honey Co. understands the importance of a pristine environment in producing high-quality manuka honey.

Their UMF 28+ manuka honey showcases the natural richness and unique properties of the manuka flower. With an MGO level that complements its UMF rating, this honey is a testament to the skill and dedication of New Zealand Honey Co. in delivering excellence.

While the packaging may be more understated compared to other luxury brands, the focus of New Zealand Honey Co. is on the honey itself. The UMF 28+ manuka honey is a true taste of excellence and a testament to the purity and quality of New Zealand’s manuka honey industry.


Manuka honey with high UMF ratings represents the pinnacle of purity and quality. Producers such as Primal By Nature, Manuka South, The True Honey Co, and New Zealand Honey Co. have demonstrated their commitment to excellence in crafting some of the purest manuka honeys ever produced.

Whether you are a honey enthusiast or searching for an extraordinary gift, these high UMF manuka honeys are sure to impress. From the rare and limited editions to the delicately crafted packaging, each jar represents the artistry and dedication of the producers. Experience the wonders of manuka honey high in UMF and savor the unique flavors and healing properties that make it truly exceptional.

Please note that the availability of these high UMF manuka honeys may vary, so it is advisable to check with the respective producers or authorized retailers for current stock and purchasing options.

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