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Manuka Honey Anti Aging: The Hidden Wonders and Health Benefits


There’s way more to the world of honey than you may think. These natural products offer something far greater than the sum of their parts, and there’s no better example than the manuka honey anti aging brings to the global stage. This honey is one of the hidden wonders of the world, fetching high prices for good reason. Not only does manuka pack a ton of unique flavors, but it also delivers health benefits that significantly improve the quality of life for frequent consumers.

Manuka Honey and Health Benefits

Antimicrobial Properties

When you mention manuka honey to a longtime connoisseur, they know it to be synonymous with health. The main reason is the antimicrobial engine contained in each drop of manuka honey, thanks to the complex matrix of unfiltered, unprocessed, active compounds. Yes, manuka honey is the real deal – raw, alive, and brimming with powerful properties that fight bad bacteria from deep within your body. Taking a scoop of manuka is like sending a group of elite, antibacterial soldiers to the front lines to protect you during flu season, or year round!

If you’re feeling on the verge of illness or just need an extra layer of immunity in your daily life, manuka honey is a sweet and tasty way to get it. Just a dollop on your toast or in your tea is all you need.

Gut Health

All the hype surrounding gut health and probiotics is backed up by science, and manuka honey serves this benefit as well. Research shows that manuka honey contains factors that promote good bacteria in the intestines, while fighting against harmful bacteria to create balance. It’s no wonder why manuka honey eaters report better digestion, reduced bloating, and even relief from symptoms of acid reflux. With manuka, you’re putting powerful probiotics to work for you, restoring gut health and promoting balance throughout the body.

Because so many people have had their gut health deteriorated by processed food and medications, adding manuka honey to the mix can be a huge revelation, changing the trajectory of their entire health journey.

Natural Alternative for Soothing Relief

Ever felt like you needed a break from nausea or sore throat, but were hesitant to reach for OTC medicines like aspirin or acetaminophen? You’re not alone in your efforts to choose a natural alternative for soothing relief, and manuka honey might just be your answer. We know that all honey has calming, cooling properties for the throat and stomach, but manuka offers a far more potent form of relief. You don’t have to worry about excessive sugars that defeat the purpose of a healthy snack, and you can combat illness directly rather than mask symptoms. Better yet, anyone can get manuka honey’s healing properties and not worry about negative interactions or allergies. Gluten-free, GMO-free, and no unwanted extras: just the best stuff available.

Measuring Potency: MGO Ratings

You’ll likely see “MGO” ratings in your manuka honey research, so what does this mean and how does it relate to the capabilities of this product? Manuka honey producers use MGO to mean methylglyoxal, which is the compound that powers the many health benefits outlined so far. Simply put, the higher the MGO rating, the better your manuka honey will combat illness, heal your gut, and grant you all the other bonuses you want. High-MGO products may be more potent and pricey, but this isn’t to say that low-MGO manuka honey can’t do the job. We suggest finding a brand of manuka honey with a range of MGO offerings and seeing how you benefit differently from each one.

Manuka Honey for Skin Health

We’ve only discussed the benefits of ingesting manuka honey thus far, but did you know that many people apply this substance directly to their skin for even more healthy results? It might sound mad, but this practice is fairly common in New Zealand, and the rest of the world is finally catching on. Simply rub some manuka honey on tired or inflamed skin to see reduced redness and quicker healing effects. Some people even swear by manuka as an anti-aging tool, drawing out bacteria and clearing out dead skin cells in an exfoliating process. You don’t need much manuka to see the cleansing, revitalizing benefits for your skin.

Try it out for yourself next time you go for a taste. Because every batch of manuka honey is different and human biology varies so broadly, you never know the benefits of this “liquid gold” until you try it for yourself. Find a trusted, UMFHA Licensed manuka honey seller, test out some products, and see what life-changing benefits you discover.


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