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Honey Nature’s Greatest Gift

Honey is widely known for its delicious taste and numerous health benefits. It is truly a remarkable food source that requires the hard work and dedication of bees to produce. However, it’s also a privilege for us to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

The Power of Mānuka Honey

Among the various types of honey available, Mānuka Honey stands out as one of the best. The True Honey Co.’s Rare Harvest 2050 MGO Mānuka Honey takes this superiority to a whole new level. This honey is not only the most potent but also the highest-grade variety ever documented.

A Limited Edition Masterpiece

With only 1000 jars being produced, The True Honey Co. has taken meticulous care in crafting their Rare Harvest 2050 MGO Mānuka Honey. This honey is expertly produced in a pristine and remote location in New Zealand, accessible only by helicopter.

Every aspect of this liquid gold has been carefully considered, from the location and timing of production to the utmost care given to the bees involved. The jars themselves are elegantly designed, showcasing the richness and uniqueness of the honey within.

Unprecedented Quality

The True Honey Co.’s Rare Harvest 2050 MGO Mānuka Honey has received independent verification from the UMF™ Honey Association, confirming that it is the highest UMF™ mānuka honey in world history. This prestigious designation is a testament to the company’s commitment to excellence and their dedication to pushing the boundaries of honey production.

Exclusively Available

For those willing to experience the unparalleled quality of this honey, a limited quantity of the Rare Harvest 2050 (34 UMF™) jars are now exclusively available through select partners, Harrods and Selfridges. In addition, the previous collaboration range, including the Rare Harvest 1900+ MGO product and the Rare Harvest 1700+, can be found at Harrods and Selfridges respectively.

A World Record Achievement

Campbell Naish, Acting CEO at the UMF™ Honey Association, expresses little surprise at the Rare Harvest achieving a UMF™ rating of 34. With thousands of batch tests conducted each year across numerous brands, the association is well-versed in assessing honey quality. The True Honey Co.’s commitment to achieving the highest rating possible is evident, making them a high-performing organization always pushing the boundaries of honey production.

Highly Coveted and in High Demand

Harrods Food Buyer Morgan O’Shea-Smith considers it an honor to be part of another world record achievement by The True Honey Co. The Rare Harvest 2050 MGO Mānuka Honey now proudly sits on the shelves of Harrods, captivating customers with its exceptional quality.

Decoding the Terminology: MGO and UMF™

MGO refers to methylglyoxal, a sugar molecule with unique health properties found in most table honey in small quantities. However, The True Honey Co.’s luxury honey contains MGO levels over a hundred times higher than typical honey.

UMF™, or Unique Mānuka Factor, is a measurement that considers not only the MGO content but also other properties of the honey. Honey claiming to have a high UMF™ rating is tested by the UMF™ Honey Association to ensure New Zealand maintains the quality of its mānuka honey for consumers worldwide.

The Founder’s Perspective

Jim McMillan, founder and CEO of The True Honey Co., describes his most precious mānuka honey as not only delicious but also unparalleled in terms of its health benefits. The honey has a strong flavor, reminiscent of toffee with a hint of mocha. Jim takes pride in the natural goodness of the honey and the positive effects it has on the body. Customers who purchase the Rare Harvest are investing in the best of the best for their health and well-being.

A True Rarity

With only 1000 amber glass jars available, each sealed with a luxurious hand-turned native timber lid, the Rare Harvest 2050 MGO honey has quickly become highly sought after. Its reputation for boosting immunity, relieving cold and flu symptoms, and promoting gut health has led to overwhelming demand. Half of the limited-edition honey was sold before it even launched, demonstrating the deep appreciation for high-quality honey among discerning consumers.

Precision and Care

To achieve this world record honey, Jim McMillan and his team partner with landowners who have large stands of pristine mānuka on their properties. These remote locations require precision and care, necessitating the use of helicopters to transport the hives to these top-secret areas. The hives remain in these locations throughout the mānuka flowering season, ensuring the purest nectar is sourced.

A Masterpiece Presentation

Each jar of The True Honey Co.’s Rare Harvest 2050 MGO honey comes with its own drizzler and is encased in a special hand-crafted mānuka blossom box. This attention to detail enhances the overall experience and showcases the honey as the masterpiece that it is. The range of honey products available from The True Honey Co. can be found at their website.

Sharing the Best with the World

The True Honey Co.’s Chief Marketing Officer, Jane Willersdorf, is excited to share this latest achievement with discerning consumers worldwide. The beautiful, pure mānuka honey produced by The True Honey Co. is regarded as the very best in the world, and those fortunate enough to secure a jar will undoubtedly fall in love with its luxurious taste, texture, and wellness properties.

In conclusion, honey truly is one of nature’s greatest gifts. The True Honey Co.’s Rare Harvest 2050 MGO Mānuka Honey takes this gift to new heights with its unrivaled potency and highest-grade quality. For those seeking the best of the best, this limited-edition honey is a true treasure worth savoring.

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