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5 Amazing Manuka Honey Benefits for Optimal Health


Manuka honey, derived from the nectar of the manuka bush in New Zealand, has been used for centuries in traditional medicine. It is gaining recognition worldwide for its numerous health benefits. In this article, we will explore the top 5 health benefits and uses of manuka honey, backed by scientific research.

Manuka Honey vs Regular Honey

Manuka honey differs from regular honey in many ways. It offers more antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties than regular honey, making it effective in treating wounds, burns, coughs, and colds. Manuka honey has a strong smell and can have a somewhat bitter flavor due to high levels of methylglyoxal compounds. Regular honey may contain additives or sweeteners to enhance the flavor. Bees make manuka honey solely from the nectar of the manuka tree, while regular honey is made with nectar and pollen from various types of flowers.

Health Benefits of Manuka Honey

1. Antibacterial Properties

Manuka honey contains a high concentration of methylglyoxal (MGO), which helps kill harmful bacteria, including antibiotic-resistant strains like MRSA. This makes it a valuable antibacterial agent in the treatment of infections.

2. Relief for Sore Throat

Manuka honey has been found to provide relief for sore throat, cough, and upper respiratory tract infections such as bronchitis and influenza. It has soothing effects on the throat and its antibacterial properties help fight off pathogens that cause infections. Using manuka honey in conjunction with other treatments can help with persistent post-infection cough.

3. Digestive Health

Manuka honey positively affects digestive health by relieving acid reflux, soothing the lining of the stomach and intestines, reducing inflammation, and promoting the growth of beneficial gut bacteria. It acts as a prebiotic, supporting the growth of good bacteria in the gut and eliminating harmful bacteria.

4. Skin Health

Manuka honey benefits skin health in multiple ways. It increases the water content of the skin, locks in moisture, and acts as a natural moisturizer. It has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce inflammation and soothe skin conditions such as acne and eczema. It also helps prevent the overproduction of sebum, the root cause of acne.

5. Wound Healing

Manuka honey is an organic and safe-to-use substance that has been proven to hinder bacterial growth and promote wound healing. It contains active compounds such as organic acid, vitamins, flavonoids, phenolic acid, and enzymes that improve the wound-healing process. It helps decrease wound pH, reduce odor, and minimize necrosis. Manuka honey has been shown to be effective in healing partial thickness burn wounds.

UMF and NPA in Manuka Honey

UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) and NPA (Non-Peroxide Activity) are quality marks that identify the rawness and potency of manuka honey. UMF indicates the quality and amount of unique natural properties present in the honey, while NPA refers to the antimicrobial strength of the honey. Both UMF and NPA ratings depend on the concentration of methylglyoxal (MGO) in the honey. A UMF rating of 10 or higher is recommended for medicinal use, while a higher NPA level indicates a stronger product.

Where to Buy Manuka Honey Products

You can purchase manuka honey products from trusted retailers such as They offer a variety of health and medical products, including manuka honey products, wound care, ostomy supplies, and respiratory supplies.

Top 5 Best Products with Manuka Honey

  1. Medline TheraHoney Gel Honey Dressing: This sterile wound gel contains high levels of medical-grade manuka honey, promoting natural debridement, decreasing wound pH, and minimizing odor. It is ideal for wounds with zero to moderate drainage.

  2. Cardinal Health Skin Barrier Protectant Cream With Manuka Honey: This cream is suitable for minor burns, cuts, and scrapes. It provides temporary relief from skin irritations and protects at-risk skin. It is free from dyes, fragrances, alcohol, phthalates, and sulfates.

  3. Derma Sciences Medihoney Calcium Alginate Dressing: This occlusive wound dressing contains 95 percent Active Manuka honey and supports a moist environment crucial for optimal wound healing. It is ideal for partial to full-thickness burns and wounds with moderate to heavy drainage.

  4. Remedy Intensive Skin Therapy Skin Repair Cream: This moisturizer hydrates and repairs dry, cracked skin. It is safe for all age groups and offers 24-hour moisturization. It is paraben-free and minimizes the risk of skin reactions.

  5. Wedderspoon Manuka Honey Drops Ginger Supplements: These drops are ideal for natural decongestion for colds. They contain powerful anti-bacterial and anti-viral plant extracts to soothe a sore throat and persistent cough.


Manuka honey offers numerous health benefits, including antibacterial properties, relief for sore throat, digestive health support, skin health improvement, and wound healing abilities. It is important to choose high-quality manuka honey products with a UMF rating of 10 or higher for optimal benefits. You can find a wide range of manuka honey products at, a trusted retailer in health and wellness supplies.

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